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Wednesday, 9 March 2016

I Want To Take My Blog To The Next Level - #BlogChatter

 Hola Folks!

"I was tagged by Sam to write this post."
(P.S - Do visit his blog, it's awesome!)

What does every blogger mean when they say they want to take their blog to the next level?

Image credit - Qumu

Does this mean will they;

  1. Post more regularly than before.
  2. Post good decent content.
  3. Change the design of the blog.
  4. Get their own blog domain.
Well, I'm confused as hell as to what this can mean in all generality.

There will be some who'll say, I'm on the highest level! 

There will be some who'll procrastinate or wouldn't want to change anything.

For me, taking my blog to the next level would imply in many ways and not just a single reason.

It will be a combination of most of the 4 points mentioned above.

So I end this post asking each and everyone,

How would you take your blog to the next level? 

Looking forward to some answers!

Happy Weekend.

I now tag Seeya to write her take on this topic.

I want to take my blog to the next level with Blogchatter
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