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Monday, 7 December 2015

A Source Of Anxiety

Is there a noise or even silence that’s always on your mind; that just doesn’t go away; that sound which you just want it to stop!

For me, it’s the sound of I talking to myself.

Yes, I sometimes find comfort talking to myself.
But it’s usually for things that have passed.
Like, if a moment has ended, I would think of ways in which I could have altered it.

Maybe I could have not said something harsh to someone.
Maybe I should have just shut my mouth at that moment.
Maybe I should have given that person more time.

So I keep doing that to myself and I just want that to stop. I’m tired of the voices in my head telling me that I should have been better, that I could have avoided few arguments etc.
I just want to be what I am, own the things I’ve done and be responsible for my actions. I don’t want that voice of me thinking of how things could be better, how I could do this and that in another fashion!
The funny part is after I’m done writing this post and sharing it, I shall be thinking..

“I should have written this too!”

This post is written via “WordPress 365 days prompts of 2013”

Whilst browsing my PC I found this old pdf file and thought to write about it anyway!

December 7 - Write about a noise — or even a silence — that won’t go away.
(You can interpret this in different ways…)
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