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Sunday, 22 November 2015

Anand Kumar - Made of Great

When we hear these 3 words, there are few personalities which come to our mind almost instantly.
For me too, i have a lot of individuals who i feel are made of great.
Although i haven't met them personally, their impact on our society has been phenomenal.

I read a book few years ago named "I Have A Dream" by Rashmi Bansal. It had stories of 20 outstanding Indians who made us proud with their works.

Every individual from that book is #madeofgreat.

The one person whom i'd like to talk about is Anand Kumar, a mathematician who spun his magical wand on students who were poor but exceptionally smart.

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Anand Kumar had been offered admission in Cambridge and Sheffield universities but could not go ahead due to lack of funds. He then started teaching Mathematics in his own institute. There were a lot of students which enrolled for his mentoring. There were few who did want to study but couldn't afford it. Even what we would assume as a paltry amount was huge for them.

So he devised a test and asked few students to take it. They passed with flying colors. He then came up with the plan to start a new class for the best of the best who did not have the facilities and the money to go ahead. He wanted them to succeed and not want them also to be stranded like he was.


The Super 30 was designed as a program where in the initial stages a coupe of hundred children who were good in studies but not with funds were found and trained. Then as per the talent, it was reduced to the Top 30 students. These students were then trained and taught how to crack the IIT exam.


This test is taken by roughly over 2.5 lakh children and its for barely over 5000 seats in the 7 IIT's all over India. Yes, imagine the odds of making the cut. But this is how Mr.Kumar's Super 30 have fared over the years; 343 students out of 390 have made the cut. Yes, that's a successful percentage of approx 88%. Now how do you'll treat such an achievement?


I have to be honest with you guys. Had i such a talent, i would be coaching a lot of students. There would be a lot of accolades, a lot of money. I would be happy. Yes, maybe i also could have thought to do what Mr.Kumar did. But i can guarantee not even 10% of us would go ahead with such a life plan. With a talent as his, who wouldn't want the attention, the money?

But look at him, he is still there trying to find those 30 gems every year whose dreams he wishes to fulfill. That could be a rag-picker's daughter, an auto-rickshaw driver's lad, a backward class boy etc.

Hence in my eyes, he is #madeofgreat

So, after reading about this amazing individual,I'm sure there will be someone who is #madeofgreat according to you.
Who is that person?
Why is he #madeofgreat.
I'd like to know more about that person.
The best answer shall win an Amazon voucher worth 750/-

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