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Sunday, 5 April 2015

D is for Dippydro

D is for Dippydro.
Which means a person who often changes mind.


What type of a person are you?

·         You think of doing something, but end up doing the complete OPPOSITE.
·         You think of doing something, but CHICKEN out when it matters the most.
·         You think of doing something, but you completely OVER-DO it, or
·         You think of doing something, and you DO IT.

These are 4 parameters I could come up with. Help me out if ya’ll find out some more.
Yes, usually all our decisions are situational in nature. What we think of doing, what we actually do is completely based on our mindset at that very moment.
If we are scared, we might chicken out.
If we are angry, we might over-do, shout.
If we are confused, we might do something which is the opposite of what we thought and finally,
If we are calm and composed, we do what we have to do.

What happens in life is that whatever the outcome, we either gain or lose something. If we chickened out, we lose respect and friends. If we did something unexpected, that shows no one expects a thing from us etc.

So whatever you plan to do, do it. Changing your mind is good when it’s improvisation and that doesn’t happen every time. A person who changes his/her mind for almost everything cannot be trusted. They can never have your back. They cannot even trust themselves. So don’t be the guy who cannot be trusted. Be calm, think, take more time, but do the right thing.

Have a nice day folks.

This post is written as a part of A-Z challenge 2015 where bloggers from all around the world will blog for the whole month, daily based on all the alphabets in chronological order. You can read more such beautiful posts on their website.
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