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Friday, 27 March 2015



This one word has lots of meanings. For me it’s trust. I find it tough to make new friends. Yes, I do talk to new people, get along well but to trust, it takes me more time than others do. I don’t know why; maybe it’s because some broke my trust and sometimes I believed in the wrong people. Whatever happened then has its effects now as I do take time to open up to somebody. 

Today I thought about a certain situation for which I need your insights.
Suppose there are 2 friends “Adam” and “Eve”.
Eve does something which hurt Adam a lot.
Eve did not intend to hurt Adam. She did not think he would get so offended by the act.
But Adam was hurt. He took it really bad.
He thinks what Eve did was rude and hurtful.
She thinks that it’s her mistake but not a huge one.
She says sorry but for Adam that’s not enough.
So what's next?

This situation can be seen from many perspectives.
  • Eve just did not mean it but Adam took it in the wrong sense.
  • Eve did it purposely to hurt Adam’s feelings.
  • Adam feels bad for the silliest of things.
  • If there’s any other possibility, do enlighten me.
These possibilities can be for anything which might have happened in your life too. Maybe you said something which the other person took offense to. A joke, a prank, a taunt etc. in short whatever you did, had its consequences. Maybe “sorry” is not enough.

So what do you in such issues?

Sometimes you might have spoken generally and in that process have hurt someone close to you. Now even though it’s not your mistake, would you say sorry just to keep the other person happy?

There are so many such questions which arise due to these situations. It’s kind of complicated for me, it might be easy to you.

So help me out here.
Tell me what you think.
Your opinions matter J

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