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Friday, 9 January 2015

TATA BOLT - Car Review

Date – 4/01/2015    

Place – Inorbit Mall, Vashi

The mall was decently packed as you would expect it to be on any weekend. I and my friend cum blogger Dwitiy made it from Andheri all the way to Vashi all for one sight of the BOLT. After 1.5 hrs of gruesome train traveling, we made it in one piece. All we hoped was to find the car quickly.

And yes, it wasn’t tough to find it either. Right in the center of the mall was the “BOLT”. Many prospective buyers, bloggers were humming around the car like bees do. We joined in too. One of the “BOLT” team members helped us around with understanding the brains it took to create this car.

Here’s my review of this TATA creation.

My first view of the car from the front was the emoticon styling. If you look closely in the picture below it looks as though the fog lights are the eyes and there is a wide smile covering it which automatically gets a smile on your face. Like they say, the first impression always gives you extra brownie points.

Here are some features which give the BOLT its unique identity.

  1)  Boot Space:

This is the best thing I liked in the car. With such ample spacing, you can go for a good vacation without worrying of packing less anytime. 

   2)  Connect Next Touch Screen Infotainment By HARMAN™:

Now the BOLT also gives you a variety of features like Smartphone enabled navigation, Map-My-India™ and advanced voice command recognition. The double den music system not only looks simple and decent but also delivers great sound quality.

 3)  Generation next safety 9th Generation ABS by BOSCH™:

With advanced features solely created for your safety along with corner stability control and dual airbags your ride whether it’s on a bumpy road will do no harm to you.

 4) Space, Comfort and Adjustable Driver’s Seat:

The spacious interiors let you sink into bliss. You enjoy your ride even before you begin with the journey due to these comfortable rugby seats. They also have an additional feature for drivers of different heights i.e. adjustable driver seat which is mechanically operated with the lever provided aside the driver’s seat. This will make sure no driver has to be uncomfortable and can get a clear view to drive all the time.

The adjustable lever right beside the seat


Spacious seats

  5)  First time ever Multi Drive i.e. Sport / Eco / City:

Now for the first time you get to choose how you drive. Choose the “Sports mode” when you need the adrenaline rush of speed and power. Opt for the “Eco mode” for its exceptional means of fuel efficiency and finally the “City mode” for a perfect balance between the above two choices.

  6) Steering mounted controls:

The controls that are mounted on the steering make it easy for the user to answer emergency calls and also control the music system side by side.

   7) Revotron 1.2 Turbocharged MPFi Petrol engine:

This specific engine makes way for an exceptionally powerful driving experience along with the advanced multi point fuel injection system which gives huge power and is also light on your pocket in matters of fuel efficiency.

These are the features which define the BOLT.

TATA Motors has done an exceptional job in matters of designing with added features and not forgetting the main importance of safety. We have witnessed around “60 Million Cars” which were called back globally from many companies due to safety issues and glitches. TATA has taken the cue and now has done its bit.

The pricing is where they have to be very cautious.

Here’s me posing with the BOLT.

What a combo!!

All images used in this post are courtesy of my friend Dwitiy Revankar. Thanks a ton mate.

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