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Thursday, 2 October 2014


My life seems like an abyss.
Don't know why, but yeah, abyss sums it up.

As i was pondering on possible things to write for Day 2 of this UBC Challenge, i started reflecting about what my life is for now.

As i kept thinking i closed my eyes for a few seconds and thought at that moment what are the things i would have loved to do that instant.
These are some of those thoughts... ( P.S - Some might sound weird and funny too )

1) To go for a vacation for at least 2 weeks. I saw myself chilling by the beach... clicking pictures... star gazing... also i had some friends alongside me which made me happy.

2) For some reason, i wanted to star in a TV Series as myself. Not a serious one. Something like "Friends" "The 70's Show" or maybe "How I Met Your Mother". That would be epic.

3) I also saw myself a few years down the line with my own library cum book store!! Yeah seriously I've been dreaming about this a lot lately.

I opened my eyes a few minutes later, but with a gleaming smile and positiveness filled in me till the brim. It made me happy, even though it was for a while.

So i have an exercise for you folks.
I would highly appreciate if you guys play this small game...

So, close your eyes.
Don't think about your present life for a moment.
Just think of things you want to do.
It can be anything.
Just the first 3-5 thoughts that pop in your mind.
And leave it in the comments section.

I would love to see what you guys have thought in your inquisitive minds.
No cheating here OK..!! :P

Awaiting your replies.

                              This post is part of Day 16 of The Ultimate Blog Challenge


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