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Thursday, 21 August 2014

My Home, My Zone

So, lately my dreams of giving my home a well deserved make-over have been resurfacing.
By resurfacing I mean it's coming back to life.
It’s like I see the walls, and designs start flowing in my memory.
A book shelf, some antiques, different colors, keep juggling in my mind.
And then, this contest.
I mean what better timing than this.
Now I’m burdened with viewing more options, which means I’ll continue hearing voices in my head, and also weaving dreams which will take a long time to fulfill. (Since I’m still job-hunting :P )

So, approach wise, I would opt for the minimalist style.
Thus I chose 3 items which are a must have for my room.

1)  Swayam Boutique Collection 3 pcs Bedroom Set:

A Bed.
The most basic thing needed in my room.
The place/heaven where i just feel like drowning, never to jump up again.
Ahh, just the image made me feel so cozy.

2)  Ghasitaram Photo Frame Cum Clock:

Now i like this one more due to the addition of 2 frames where i can keep pictures.
I always wanted posters, but then, this is good too.
I can keep pictures of loved ones, or even places i wish to visit in the future which will help me focus on fulfilling my dreams. :)

3)  Little India Pure Brass Antique Design Real Telescope:

I like star gazing.
One of the best moments I had, was during a trip to Rajasthan when we were residing in Sand-dunes.
At night, the sky was a treat to watch.
Stars Stars everywhere.
I have an app on Android called Google Sky Map which i love using.
It shows me the names and locations of planets, stars etc.

Coming back to the topic, i would love to have a telescope.
Maybe the use is limited, but it fits the purpose for me.
It acts as a showpiece for many, snooping around for some, and star gazing for people like me :)

So, this is how my room would deem complete.
I'm happy to participate in this contest.
Got to view many more areas which i hadn't thought of earlier.

Although i do have something to say to "Make My Home".
Just 3 options is a tad too less.
Even 5 wouldn't suffice anyone. :P
(I'm pretty much sure many will agree to this)

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