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Friday, 6 June 2014

Time to Transform With Asus T-100

Technology is what anyone and everyone is hooked on to.
First it was a PC, then a Laptop, then smart phones, tablets.
Now in this tech world comes a new style i.e. a 2 in 1 portable laptop.
By portable, I mean the screen is detachable which then makes it a tablet.
I too am hooked onto technology.
Right from the time I wake up, till the day ends, I’m involved with technology.

Before I start writing about the T100 I would like you’ll to check out a video which describes everything I would want you to know.

The T-100, is class personified right from the light weight, to its up to date upgradations.
Personally, I am a movie and TV-Sitcom buff, and thus what I would want is,

  •    A wide screen
  • ·         Good Resolution
  • ·         Battery Life

With these things in place, I wouldn’t have to worry and can enjoy the shows in peace.
T-100 has taken all specifications under serious study, and then has arrived at this product.

Not only do I like movies but also reading books.
Guess what?
They even have a feature for that too.
The screen light adjusts as per the surrounding to give you an apt reading experience.
What else does a reader want? Getting an alternative of Kindle with extra features.

All work and no play makes Jack a Dull Boy
That’s what they say.
So, T-100 has the latest Windows 8.1 where all your MS-Office is preloaded.
That means working on the go becomes easy too. I need MS-Excel and MS-PowerPoint usually to complete my projects and so my work will get easier.

Now, we have spoken of everything, but games.
With the gaming world garnering more attention than ever, with high resolution gaming becoming the top priority for gamers across the world, T-100 does a decent job with the specifications and allowing users to get a look onto Xbox gaming.

So, Asus has done good research before launching this product and I must say, all departments have been thoroughly created giving users a multitasking device.
Now I can work and play and read books and watch my favorite TV –Sitcoms all on the move, while even on a vacation with the T-100.

For more information about this product please feel free to visit their website.
Here is a link to the page -

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