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Thursday, 5 June 2014

The 1 Thing i Would NEVER Write About..

This is a word which has a strong meaning.
There are many things we all do in our daily life.
Some can be discussed with others, and the rest... Well its best if it stays with us, or else people will officially declare us as insane.

As I fired up my laptop, and checked the daily prompt by word press, this word came up i.e. “NEVER
The question asked was what is the one thing you would not write on your blog.
My thoughts?
It’s like a trick question.
You will end up writing something won’t you? :P

But then it got me thinking too.
If someone had to ask me, what is that one thing I couldn’t write about, then that would mean a lot of thinking for me which I did for an hour or so.
I made up a small list too.

  • ·         Drunk stories
  • ·         Awkward internal examination.
  • ·         Weird friend fights
  • ·         Things I did during my internship
  • ·         Broken Relation.
I came up with this top 5 list. ( P.S - I will not discuss any of these above mentioned stuff)

According to the prompt, we have to choose one, so I choose the last one i.e. Broken Relation.
That’s what love did to me.
It blinded me, made me fall into a pit, and it took me long enough to walk out of it.
The experiences encountered there are known only to a very few of my near ones.
They felt it was disgusting, hell I know that, because I lived through it.

I’m back to being who I was, and damn, I feel better than ever.
But if asked, I would never write about this topic ever.
Like they say,
"Some things are best remained untold" 
Ain't it? 


This is a post with respect to the Daily Prompt for the year 2014 by the Editorial Team of WordPress.

June 5– NEVER (Tell us a thing you will never write about)

Below is the link  to the PDF File for daily prompts.

I would love it if you’ll could share with me at least the topic that you’ll would never ever write about.

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