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Thursday, 3 April 2014

Is National Pride In Sports Limited To Cricket? #IndiChange

The answer to the title.. is NO..!!

Do watch this video..
This indirectly sums up everything what i cannot express in my post.!!

Link -

India has their national pride in the form of Cricket
This has been going on since decades

But also, football has seen a rise like never before.
With its viewership increasing,
the opportunities provided,
football schools,
etc etc
the trend seems to be shifting a bit towards football.

There is another fact that India hasn't had much of success in Football, which thus gives us a lot of opportunities to give players our backing,

This team, Dooars XI is a classic example.
They like football, live for it..!!
Being women, they have instilled love for this game.
I'm not acting sexist but the fact remains, that we hardly hear a thing or two about women players playing different tournaments!!

Now why does that happen?
If any of you have watched the movie "Chak de India" , You'll know that there is a scene when Shah Rukh Khan wants the job to coach the Indian Hockey Women's team!!
He approaches the board, and they tell him,"You are fighting a lost cause!!"
These people will just waste our time and money.

That's what is happening here.
The fact that there is no belief leads to them not getting any support..!!!
Thus until our own country doesn't know about them, there is no going ahead with this issue.

These people want to play, they do have the courage and dedication, maybe who knows they might prosper a lot, make India proud..!!
But these are just assumptions which can be fulfilled only with them getting facilities enough to enjoy the sport.

Its funny, i recollect another team with such a scenario.
This video moved me, and really, these two teams had the same issues
with the below video showing, how the team managed to play, even without a
& more importantly,
the ground..!!

Do have a watch..
You can connect these two videos!!
Link -

Finally all i can say is that where there is a will, there is a way!!
The love of the game is all that matters!!
With a little support from the country, these women will surely work wonders!!!

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