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Saturday, 15 March 2014

Our Library - Thoughts of a Reader!!


What would our library look like?
I’m saying ours because we are readers. United by the same thoughts!

Hmm, I’m browsing through some Google images. Let’s find our library.

Nope. Not a chance…
No seats!!
It’s clean but still, No seats!!


Looks decent,
Lot of shelves,
Lots of seats,
No people.
Damn it!!


This one?

I know the concept is not used completely here, but if I had a dream library for us, it would be like a complete human library!
Now, we all go to the library for one purpose, Books!
So like every other library, Ours would provide many genres of books.
Every genre will have its specific room, with a discussion table.
The discussion will take place every week.
With contests, gatherings, we can gain lot of knowledge of new books, authors, some fine works etc.
Also, when we read books, it so happens that we come across lines, chapters we don’t understand.
We go online and check it out.
Why search somewhere else when we have our own forum.
Our library will have its own forum, with questions asked by readers, and also answered by readers.
Cool isn’t it?
Also our library will have author of the month and discounts on his works!
Book signings will be a regular feature with not only best sellers from abroad, but also our local authors.
Giving them the exposure will bring in more fan base for them.

So these are my thoughts.
Hope u like em!

Note:The images have been taken from Google :)

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