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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

IndiBlogger Meet - Legendary!!

This was my first Indi-Blogger meet.
Some details on the meet:
Location - Mumbai, Cafe Zoe
Topic - Kotak bank's new #jifi account
Name of the event - #JifiIsHere

My Expectations from the meet:
Meeting new people
Having a good time

Both the items on my list were check marked within the first 10 minutes of my entry.

Now let me tell you right from the start...
These guys (Indi blogger team) are not the guys who procrastinate.
Always doing stuff on time seems to be their priority.
I & my friend entered in Cafe Zoe.
On entry, they kept 3-4 laptops with one page opened.
The best way to enter in is to enter your login ID to Indi blogger.
After doing it successfully in my first attempt, we headed in.
All we could see was a huge projector screen, 2 LED’s, a Dj, the Bar & many guys in Indi Blogger Tees!

We took our seats, gorged on starters, had some drinks, and waited for th4 event to start.
They got everyone to do lots of stuff to pass the time.
Taking a selfie
Woof, I’m not a fan, honestly but I must have been a part of at least 5-10 selfies.
We Mumbaikars were trying to beat Bangalore for the maximum public in a selfie.
I hope we did that..!!

Also they had a dedicated hash tag i.e. #JifiIsHere where everyone from the 3 states was tweeting on the go.
They gave spot prizes in the tune of shopping vouchers. Boy did they make many happy!!
The tweets were increasing at a fast paced level and so were the people.
So much so, that the seats were full, literally!!

Then came the MC of the event who kept us all entertained throughout and kept distributing prizes… (Seriously, how did you’ll get so many!!)
The chief guest was unknown to us, and thus the guessing game began.
Someone from the back rows got it right, and there he entered.
Mr. Chetan Bhagat..!!
We all were surprised, and then began the event.
Kotak has introduced a new account which is unusual and unique in its own way.
It lets you connect your account to Twitter & Facebook.
So you can check your balances on your Facebook, and Twitter page.
The mere thought made me realize how far we have evolved in technology aspects.
Then arrived the Q & A round.
Many questions were asked, many were answered convincingly.
They showcased some 1 minute videos on Jifi account opening benefits.
That was all.
The later part of the event was just to mingle around, have lunch and desserts.
I liked it.
The way it was organized, the way it ended.
Obviously, if it were more interactive it would have been fantastic.
But all in all a brilliant event.

End of the day, there is one thought which I would like to share with you bloggers!

During the event, when I looked around the crowd gathered,
All I could see were people, quite in contrast, in ages, in styles, way of speaking.
But there was one thing which united us.
We are Bloggers.
We write.
We think.
We imagine.
We perceive.
Our thoughts might vary depending on the subjects, but we like sharing our thoughts through our blogs.
Events as such make us realize a lot of things.
I met many people, who had so much knowledge on stuff I don’t keep Intel on.
I didn’t know their names, but did know what they write.
Surprising isn’t it...
I hope this will be the first of many successful Indi Blogger meets for me.
Looking forward to the next visit..!!
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