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Friday, 14 March 2014

Go Further To Get Closer indeed..!!

Please watch the video first..
It left me speechless!!
Link -

Also a link to the British Airways web page :

Go further to get closer indeed!!

Love… a word which can’t be defined universally.
Everyone has their own meaning.

But yes this can be a standard question.
How far can you go to get closer to your partner?
The answer is – There is no such boundary set.

Getting close to your partner is what you and what she deserves.

If you could take the step ahead to love, then it’s your duty to keep taking steps to make sure the fizz doesn’t disappear.  

Every step taken is always a plus point.
Doesn’t mean you need to spend a lot to prove it.

A sweet gesture is sometimes all it takes to profess love.
You give a bouquet or one rose, the gesture is what matters.
Sometimes all you can do is receive her from workplace and drop her home.
Sounds OK, but matters more!

If you want to get closer to your partner, then it can’t happen in a day.
You need to spend time; I mean lots and lots of it.

Social media will help, but meeting more often will be the key.
It may so happen that the fizz might disappear from your relation.
Doesn’t mean u give up!
That gives you the motivation to fight back.

In my case I would do the silliest of things in order to get a smile on her face, even if it meant acting silly all the time.
Sending selfies of myself, in different facial expressions, giving her one rose every time we met, is all I would do. I don’t know if it would matter, but giving it a try is important right?

We seen in the video, how the couple who try their best to spend some time, but can’t due to infinite number of reasons.
They kept trying, in the end, the efforts mattered.
They could go to London. But the main thing was that they could spend time. Lots of quality time.

Isn’t that all what is needed to get closer to your better half?
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