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Thursday, 13 March 2014

55 Fiction - From failure to taking a step to success

He was scared, wanted this moment to be erased. 

He wanted to die because he failed in his exams. 

He thought his life was a dead end. 

He saw an ant lingering around him on the table. 

He pushed it down the ground. 

The ant rose & tried climbing up again. 

The boy finally smiled...!
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Lancelot is a 24 year old post grad who one day was so bored of his life, that he started to write. The writing he thought would be a one time thing. It's been over a year and the writing has never stopped. Professionally in the field of finance, Lancelot aspires to make his family and himself proud. In his free time, Lancelot loves eating food, reviewing them on Zomato, watching various TV sit-coms, writing of course, playing the keyboard music app on his smartphone, reading crime-murder-mystery... maybe romance novels sometimes, watching a lot of sporting events and making time for his near and dear ones. 

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