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Saturday, 22 March 2014

EPL Game-week 31 - The Decider of the 1st Spot..!!


P.S – For every fantasy premier league follower, now is the best time to make 3-4 transfers if needed, as there are 15 matches this week.
Honestly, so many match ups, so many situations this week.
Did you know, Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester City can get the top spot, if the others fail.
So much of competition I tell you this year of EPL has been!!
Anyways I have to mention the best 3 things to look out for.
Let’s start.

1) Chelsea vs. Arsenal:

This match will mark the 1000th game of Arsene Wenger for Arsenal..!!
But Mourinho stand’s in his way.
Chelsea for now is on 1st spot.
If they win, they can keep that position for some days at least.
Wenger will want the win not only because it’s his 1000th game, but also for boosting Arsenal’s chances for winning the league.
So look forward for a power packed early kick off!!

2) Manchester Derby:

This is one derby which has been brutal for many years.
Lately it has been City who has won the battle of the Manchester’s!!
That too with huge margins
Everyone remembers the drubbing united got i.e. 6-1
But we shouldn’t count them out now.
We have seen their UEFA performance and you cannot judge them anymore.
It seems Moyes will try his best to salvage some pride!

3) Liverpool:

Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge a.k.a “SAS”
These two have been phenomenal this season.
Their tally of goals has bettered some teams who overall can’t beat their tally.
Liverpool has been in striking form with their caption Stevie G who has played an anchor role, playing balls from the deep and indeed playing a captain’s role.
With two fixtures this weekend, they would want to garner all 6 points which potentially can give them the top spot for some time.

Thus indirectly the top 4 can outwit each other for the top spot.
Let’s see who prevails on top.
Who perishes!!
Again, whoever has a Fantasy premier league team, do make the best changes.
Will this week be the best of all game-weeks?
Let’s watch it out ourselves!!
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