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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

What I’d Do Differently if I Were Nike Or Adidas

Nike & Adidas are synonymous with the word SPORTS...
Every sportsperson dreams to own stuff from these places..
Basketball, Football NFL etc...
Shoes, Jerseys, Tees, Caps etc
You name it, and they have it,...
Some sports personalities have their own names printed on some thing
So, its obvious that their supporters would want t buy the stuff..

Now the problem.... All the stuff is overpriced... or the other would would be really not reasonable..
In a city like Mumbai, if you will ask a consumer to pay 10k for a pair of shoes, he or she will give you a list of stuff they can buy with 10,000....
Thus most of the products being overpriced, consumers don't end up buying much..
They wait for the "Flat 40-50% off" Discount so that they can finally buy their favorite products..

If i were working in Nike or Adidas then according to the places, the prices would be varied..
In Mumbai, even though consumers have enough money to spend, still, the better products are too much for their budget..
If these stores come out with a string of products for less prices, then i can guarantee that the sales of these stores will increase to the hilt..
If one will buy, then through Word of Mouth, many others will get to know about these things...
the rise in football audience has increased over the years..
If jerseys, Tees and Shoes are priced reasonable then he sales will increase.. there wouldn't be a need to keep a sale or a discount..!!
This is just a thinking of mine.... If anyone agrees or disagrees with my post, do comment..!!

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