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Sunday, 2 February 2014

Life of a Jobless Person - Condition Serious hai

Ever imagined what happens on a day to day basis of what happens in a life of a jobless person...
Here are some pointers..
a) Nights and days are loongggg
b) Insomnia can never take place as you have ample time to sleep
c) You want to visit every party, you even have the time.. but no money!!
d) Every second friend you meet is working!!
e) You don't have a girlfriend... If you do, then boy... you can give her as much time you want..!!
f) Every day the only topic in your house would be.. (What you gonna do with your life)
g) Every morning when you wake up, you find no purpose of living!!
h) All you do is hang out with friends and watch every damn thing on T.V
I) In spare time, you apply for jobs... but most of times.. no luck..!!
j) Even the dumbest guy or girl you knew works, and that majorly pisses you off!!
k) You read the newspaper still, but only the entertainment pages have now changed to TIMES Ascent
l) You often end up searching too many jobs on various job portals!!
m) You often dream too much to think in reality..!!

Choosing to be jobless, or not getting a job is just as worse as your life can get..
All you can do is wake up, and look forward to a positive start..!!
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