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Sunday, 2 February 2014

A fast drive & its consequences

Inspired by racing movies, action series.. many of us once have at least tried a fast drive to test our limits!!
And many a times this one drive tends to be our last drive!

In a city like Mumbai, road accidents are very likely to happen every week..
You wont believe it but it happens even on a flyover where the speed limit might be 30....
Recently had seen an accident which ended up being brutal for the pillion rider.. The bike as usual was fast and on the turn, there was a bit of Grease.. (their bad luck...)
So the bike slipped, the rider had a hold on the bike.. he got saved.. but the guy behind him flew in front.. and hit his head on the wall... Now this happens so quickly that everyone around was in a state of panic..
The rider was saved, he escaped with injuries.. But the guy behind died on the spot..

THUS, the same question arises... what is important, being fast.. or your precious life??

 I've seen some accidents and the fact remains the same!!
The fun is borne by the riders.. the pain is tended by their families..
One ugly decision changes everything.
Cant imagine the state of the parents when they see their son or daughter in a battered state!!
I know one voice doesn't matter still its an appeal to anyone who tried these daredevil stunts.. to think not for their self  but for their family.!!
Drive wisely..!!
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