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Sunday, 26 January 2014

What does 26th January mean to a Mumbaikar?

What does 26th January mean to a Mumbaikar?

This day is patriotic..
But for most of us.. its something else..

For some, its a DRY DAY that means no alcohol... thus there is always extra crowd on 25th & 27th.
Funny isn't it?
For some, its a perfect time for business.. e.g - I boarded a train now from Andheri station, many are standing on the bridge carrying small stick on flags... whoever passes by, they stick it to the shirt, and take some coins in change.

For some, this day is  a holiday.. another good day of rest...!!

For some, this day is just like the other days!!

For some, its a day they get to wear traditional outfits & show it to their friends or colleagues.!!

I haven't come across any, but i do know that for some, this day is historic and its importance is invaluable..!!

As i travel, the crowd at every station is lesser than half the usual...
Either I'm too early, or maybe most of them are half asleep..

Have a nice day!
Saare jahaan se achhaa, Hindustan humara!!
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