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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

My new found love- Reading Books!!

Reading a book since childhood was not of my interests..!!
Not even the slightest one!!
Recently, i happened to have a 3 month break from college.
Got an internship at a place which is at least 1.5 hours away from home!!
So naturally it meant a lot of traveling..
So i decided to start reading books during my transit to pass my time..
I thought... Maybe, I'll stop reading the first day itself...
But i didn't..!!
That day was 2nd may 2013... And till today 30th January 2014, i have completed around 13 books/novels.
that's too many right?
I didn't know i had the knack of reading until i started it..
Anyways its better to read something rather than waste your time imagining things in your mind!! 

So the next question arises... How the hell did i get so many books?
The answer to that is, that I had been to a Book sale last April which helped me get a lot of books for a very reasonable price!!
Really reasonable..!!
A kilo of books = 60 rupees i.e 1 dollar!!!
Surprising right!!!
Classics like Charles dickens, Jane Austen etc costed 100rupees per kilo.
I ended up buying 5 kilos worth books which involved football magazines, Horror, Mystery, Murder, Reality and 2 classic books!!
i later also went for the next sale.. this time i didn't get the books i hoped to get.. so i experimented using the
Good-reads app on my smartphone and selected some titles..
Here is the snapshot of my collections from the sale..!!
These are my books... have read most of it

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